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New York City History: Notecards

In the tab names, SS stands for Secondary Source, PS stands for Primary Source
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How to Create Notecards

Notecard Instructions

Created by Noodletools help desk: 

Once you create and open a new project in NoodleTools, there are two ways to create and access your notecards: the Notecards and Sources screens. Since you can view and edit all of your notecards in either screen, you’ll find that you develop a preference for working in either the Notecards or Sources screen as you take notes.

How to create a new notecard

If a notecard is created from the Sources screen, it is automatically associated with a particular source. A “thought card” (a notecard that contains your own thoughts or a reminder to yourself, not tied to any reference in your source list) can only be created from the Notecards screen.

1. On the Notecards screen, click +New above the Notecard Tabletop.

Alternatively, on the Sources screen, click “New” in the Notecards column next to a reference.

2. A new notecard opens for editing.


3. In the Title field, choose a short description (1-3 words) that represent the main idea of the notecard. You might choose to wait and decide on a good title for the notecard once you’ve filled in the notecard content, like your paraphrase or summary.

4. Select the source from the Source dropdown list and specify the URL and page numbers if any in the fields to the right.
Aim to put one idea into each notecard (as opposed to just copying an entire article into the field).

5. When you edit a notecard, your changes are automatically saved. To revert to an earlier version, click "Manage versions." A new window will display the current version and previously saved versions. To select an earlier version, click the date and time of the version to revert the notecard to that version saved. To return to your notecard, click "Manage versions."

6. Click Save and Close to close the notecard.

On the Notecards screen, the new notecard appears in the upper left corner of your tabletop view. On the Sources screen, you can show or hide notecards for a particular reference by clicking “Show” or “Hide” in the Notecards column. 


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